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Finding New Stories For People
Who Experience Disabilities

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David Pitonyak

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Welcome to Imagine (En espaol).

Imagine is the name I give my consulting practice which is dedicated to supporting people who experience disabilities and exhibit, what some have called, "difficult behaviors."  In my view, what's most needed when a person engages in difficult behaviors is imagination.   The story-line that is floating around about the person is a major part of the problem.  What's needed is a new story.*

My practice is based upon a simple idea:
difficult behaviors result from unmet needs.  In a sense, difficult behaviors are messages which can tell us important things about a person and the quality of his or her life.  People with difficult behaviors are often missing:

  • Meaningful relationships
  • A sense of safety and well-being
  • Power
  • Things to look forward to
  • A sense of value and self-worth


*I will be forever grateful to Tom Kohler, Coordinator of the Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy, for describing my work as "finding new stories."  Tom does the work as well as anyone. To be so described by the likes of him is as good as it gets.

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