Friends of Community Opportunities

The Community Opportunities Board of Directors has been busy this year with all kinds of new projects, including the development of new
Microboards and fund-raising.

Join me in supporting an important organization -- Community Opportunities of the New River Valley in Virginia. 

Community Opportunities is devoted to helping people who experience disabilities to develop their own microboards.  A microboard is a small group of committed family and friends who join with a person with a disability to create a nonprofit corporation.  Since the microboard is a structured and legal entity, its purpose is to ensure that the person's circle of friends will endure. The microboard is dedicated to providing support to that one person. Members of a microboard have a personal relationship with that person. They act as "bridge builders" to the community, and ensure that the person has opportunities to participate in their community in as many ways as possible.

At present, Community Opportunities depends upon the generosity of friends, small grants from private foundations, and hours and hours of volunteer time to stay afloat.  But to grow into a truly viable alternative for people who experience disabilities, the organization presently relies on small and large contributions from people just like you. 

If you would like to become a Friend of Community Opportunities, send your tax-deductible contribution to (tell them I sent you!):

Community Opportunities, Inc.
PO Box 11204
Blacksburg, VA 24062-1204

For additional information, check out their web site:

www.communityopportunities. org

Thank you!



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