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Bruce Anderson

My friend Bruce has written a powerful book for anyone who wants to live a purposeful life.  From the book jacket: 'Every teacher has a core gift -- a specific and identifiable attribute of their teaching style -- which is tied to both their talents and their difficult life experiences.  Identifying and intentionally using this core gift provides powerful results in both the learner's and teacher's life -- moments which can learning to levels not commonly seen in classrooms, social services offices, or mentoring on street corners." It's true.  You'll see how, in this wonderful book.

Anderson, B. (2005).
The Teacher's Gift. Vashon, WA: Community Activators.

To order, visit the Community Activators Web Site or call 1-800-594-8766.  $16 plus $4 shipping and handling (Washington State residents include $1.41 sales tax for each book).

Bonnie Badenoch

A great resource for anyone interested in the merger of traditional therapies and recent discoveries from the neurosciences.

Badenoch, B. (2009).
Being a brain-wise therapist: A practical guide to interpersonal neurobiology. New York: WW Norton and Company.

Available at your local bookseller or online at

Carolyn Bowling and Jeffrey Wilder

Ya Got People: Helping people with developmental disabilities deal with grief, bereavement and loss is written is an important contribution to anyone who has ever helped another to deal with a broken heart.  At the encouragement of David Hingsberger, Virginia authors Carolyn Bowling and Jeffrey Wilder set out to write a practical and insightful text for us all..  You can order the book from Diverse City Press.

Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bokern

Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bokern's book
Reclaiming Youth At Risk is a fabulous primer for people who care about helping adolescents.   Based on conversations with native American elders, this book is a clear and concise description of why so many youth are struggling, and what our communities can do about it.

You can order the at the Solution Tree web site.


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