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Paula Lowe

Care Pooling is a wonderful resource for people looking for help with child care and elder care.  Although this book is not specifically written for people with developmental disabilities, it is very practical resource for people who are trying to find alternative ways to support people who need help with significant medical issues.

Lowe, P. (1993).
Care pooling: How to get the help you need to care for the ones you love. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

Berrett-Koehler books are available through most bookstores and can also be ordered online.

Herb Lovett

I was in Washington, DC in 1989 when I first heard Herb Lovett speak.  He revolutionized the way I think of people with disabilities.  I suspect he revolutionized
a lot of people's thinking.  His two books are timeless.  Both can be ordered from the AUTCOM bookstore. Also, check out the site developed by Tom Robinson honoring Herb by clicking here.

Cognitive Counseling for Persons with Special Needs: Adapting Behavioral Approaches to the Social Context (1985).  New York: Praeger Publishers.

Learning to Listen (1998). Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes.

Kate McGinnity, Sharon Hammer, and Lisa Ladson

In their books
Lights! Camera! Autism! Using Video Technology to Support New Behavior 1 & 2, the authors have done an incredible job at merging what we are learning about how the brain learns and the video capabilities that are now so accessible.

McGinnity, K., Hammer, S. & Ladson, L. (2013) 
Lights! Camera! Autism! Using Video Technology to Support New Behavior. Cambridge, Wisconsin: Cambridge Book Review Press.

You can order online:

Gary Messinger and Lisa Mills

Gary Messinger and Lisa Mills, in their wonderful book
Sharing Community! Strategies, Tips, and Lessons Learned from Experiences of Community Building at Options, provide 20 great and surprising tips for community building.  Based on their experiences at Options, a non-profit organization that provides supported living supports in Madison, Wisconsin, this book is must-reading for anyone trying to build community for people who experience disabilities.  Available through the Options Web site.

Messinger, G. & Mills, L. (2005).
Sharing community! Strategies, tips, and lessons learned from experiences of community building at Options. Madison, WI: Atwood Publishing Company.


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