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Upside Down and Inside Out: Supporting A Person In Crisis/Supporting the People Who Care

Supporting a person in crisis can be difficult on several levels. First, it hard to help someone who is in having a difficult time figuring out what's up and what's down.  It requires, first and foremost, taking care of
oneself.  Upside Down and Inside Out is a handout for people who want to help a person who is dangerous to others or dangerous to self.  It is about dealing with what's immediate, and taking the steps to build a better future.

What Do I Do Next…? Strategies for Supporting A Person with Difficult Behaviors

Now available in English and Spanish,
What Do I Do Next…? is a handout  used in several of my workshops regarding positive supports for people who challenge us.  Contains strategies for figuring out what a person needs, building relationships, and supporting a person's supporters.  You might also wish to download, from the Yahoo site, the form developed by Michael Smull and Susie Harrison entitled, "When the person does this…"

Who Holds Your Story?

Many people served by the service system have lost their story.  Professionals often know the person for the period of time in which he/she has received services, but huge gaps exist in our understanding of the person over his/her lifetime.  This handout, inspired by the work of  Sandra Landis and Jack Pealer, contains ideas for helping people to reclaim their story and to then tell the story in a way in which we would all want our story to be told.