Positive Approaches Institute

2007 Maine Positive Approaches Institute graduates, Augusta, Maine
(Photo: Laurie Kimball)


This nine day training (with one extra day for planning and set up) is designed to build capacity within an organization or community to deliver and sustain respectful and positive approaches to difficult behaviors.  Participants are nominated by local officials and are required to make a commitment for all eight days.  Each team is asked to think about one or two individuals and are then exposed to several important areas of learning, including crisis support, functional assessment, person-centered planning, and community building.  Requires a commitment to provide local coordination, and a variety of "homework" assignments to test newly acquired skills in real world places.  For more information, click here for a course outline of the 9-day intensive and here for a list of critical tasks developed by Paul Tabor, Training Coordinator for the State of Maine Office of Mental Retardation.

Note: By special arrangement only.


A number of handouts are required (see course outline), including handouts from guest speakers (to be arranged with speakers).

Thumbnail Sketch and Photo

A thumbnail sketch of David and his work for conference brochures.  Includes information about audio-visual needs.  A photo for brochures can also be downloaded.

Audio Visual Needs

If available, an LCD projector (if not, an overhead projector), screen, , large pieces of paper, masking tape, felt pens (or a blackboard), and, if you are expecting over 50 people, a lavaliere microphone (a microphone that can be worn as a necklace or attached to a shirt or tie). 

Contact Information

David Pitonyak, Ph.D.

540-552-5629 VOICE


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