International Resources

Canadian Mental Health Association

This site contains a great deal of helpful information, including advocacy materials for people who experience a dual-diagnosis and their supporters.  Click on advocacy materials under the "Policy and Action" link.

Community Living British Columbia

The folks at Community Living BC have developed a number of informative and user-friendly publications covering a wide variety of topics, including the development of personal support networks, ways to safeguard people who are vulnerable, and guides for self-advocates.  Worth a look!

Crazy Diamond Training and Consultancy

Based in the UK, Crazy Diamond Training and Consultancy aims "to provide training and consultation with practical helpful responses that avoid much of the psychobabble and over-professionalized language that is currently hampering much of psychiatry and psychotherapy.  [They] believe in helping each person towards their own recovery."  And that statement alone should make you want to visit their site.

Disabled Peoples' International

The purpose of Disabled Peoples' International (DPI) is to promote Human Rights of People with disabilities through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development.  DPI is a grassroots, cross-disability network with member organizations in over 158 countries, half of which are in the developing world.

Erwin Wierniga

Knighted for his work on inclusion in the Netherlands. Sir Erwin Wierniga provides support to individuals who experience disabilities, their families, and providers throughout Europe.  Check out his helpful site (in Dutch) for additional information.

Family Village Project

Family Village Project is a user-friendly website that provides lots of resources about specific disabilities and resources, as well as Latino, African American, Asian American, and Native American Resources. Also contains great links to worldwide resources.

Inclusion and Social Justice Articles

Robert Weetman from the UK has developed a web site with useful articles about inclusion and social justice.  Check out Robert's helpful site.

Inclusive Education in Europe

A great site for anyone interested in how our friends across the big pond are doing when it comes to inclusion.

Learning Together Limited

Based in Glouchestershire England, Learning Together Limited provide training to direct support providers who support people with neurological differences, including Asperger syndrome and autism.

New Zealand -- Learning and Behaviour Charitable Trust

People who want to learn more about specific learning disabilities such as ADHD and Dyslexia will find lots of helpful information here. Also included are links to services and supports throughout New Zealand, including the Commissioner for Children.

The Roeher Institute

The Roeher Institute is a leading policy-research and development organization.  Its mission is to generate knowledge, information, and skills to secure the inclusion, citizenship, human rights and equality of people with intellectual and other disabilities.

Spectrum Society for Community Living

I like the work of the folks from Spectrum -- an organization supporting people who experience disabilities in Vancouver, BC.  Check out their work to help people form meaningful relationships including their book 101 Ways To Make Friends.

World Institute on Disability

A source of information about disability issues anywhere on the planet, including remote places like California.


VELA is an organization in British Columbia that supports micro-boards -- non-profit organizations that support individuals.  Directed by Linda Perry, VELA offers people with a realistic way to direct their own supports.