Person-Centered Planning

Allen, Shea and Associates

A great source of information about essential lifestyle planning.  Look for the work of Michael Smull.

Capacity Works

Beth Mount is one of the founders of person-centered planning.  This beautiful web site contains great information about person-centered planning and wonderful art for your home and office.  A great source of gift ideas!

Center on Human Policy

Always a great source of information about the experience of disability.  Many helpful resources about person-centered planning, including the work of John O'Brien and Connie Lyle O'Brien.

Community Works!

I don't know Faye and David Wetherow personally, but their work has had a big influence on me and lots of people who I respect a great deal.  Check out their web site for helpful information about person-centered planning, family support, micro-boards, and much, much more.

Council on Quality and Leadership

The Council provides helpful information for anyone who wants to improve the quality of services and supports for people who experience disabilities.  Their
Personal Outcome Measures is a great tool for any organization that wants to live person-centered principles. The Council staff also provide training nationwide in person-centered planning.

Essential Lifestyle Planning -
The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices

A great source of information about Essential Lifestyle Planning and other person-centered practices.  In particular, a great place to find articles and publications by Michael Smull, the chief architect of Essential Lifestyle Planning.

Georgia Institute on Human Development

The Georgia Institute on Human Development has done a great job developing easy-to-use "strength-based  portfolios" for children and adults. Visit their web site for more information about ordering "Take a Look at Me" booklets. Click on Resources, Publications and scroll down  (also available in Spanish, Korean, French and Vietnamese).

Inclusion Press

The Inclusion Press web site is a great place to find information and resources about person-centered planning by people such as Herb Lovett, Judith Snow, Shafik Asante, John O'Brien, and Connie Lyle O'Brien. 

Training Resource Network, Inc.

Check out TRN's resource catalogue for topics ranging from self-determination, supported employment and person-centered planning.

Quality Mall

A great and creative source of information about person-centered planning and inclusion in typical community settings.  Really fun to visit!

CD and Video Tape on Person-Centered Planning

Product #1:
Whose Life is it Anyway? A Look at Person-Centered Planning and Transition ($49.99)

The CD covers the nuts and bolts of person-centered planning and is a self-paced instructional program.  Includes information on Circles of Support, the PATH process, and MAPS.

Product #2:
Person-Centered Planning ($49.99)
Featuring Marsha Forest, Jack Pearpoint, Anne Malatchi and Kate McCoy

Developed as a tele-course in 1999, this video highlights the process and application of person-centered planning across all life stages.

To request an order form, send an email message to Roberta Martin, or call (804) 827-0737.