Autism is a World

"Autism is a world" is a documentary about Sue Rubin, a woman who experiences autism.  She was diagnosed as a person with mental retardation until she was 13 when she began to communicate using a keyboard.  Now she is a junior in college.  This is a fabulous documentary by Geradine Wurzburg (who directed
Educating Peter) from CNN that I highly recommend.  You can order the DVD  through  (enter "Autism is a World" in the search box).

Caleb's Story

[From the video jacket]: This 11-minute video profiles Caleb, a young man with significant disabilities, and the many people who have come together to support his and his family's vision for a full life -- at work, at home and in his community.

The video was designed to help audiences think about many aspects of two big questions: What is an ordinary life? Should an ordinary life be imagined differently for a person with significant disabilities?

To order, ($15 for VHS; $20 for DVD) contact the Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy, 16 North Carroll Street, Suite 400, Madison, WI 53703. Telephone: (608) 267-0214 or Toll Free for consumers and family members only 1-800-928-8778 or visit their web site

Credo of Support

Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift have produced a wonderful 5-minute video, that is a must for anyone wants to be truly helpful.  Visit the Axis Consulting, Ltd. web site and order their incredible video, "A Credo for Support

Educating Peter

The 1992 Academy award winning film about a young boy in Montgomery County, Virginia who is included in his neighborhood school. You can order the film from National Professional Resources, Inc.

Person-Centered Planning CD and Video Tape
Product #1:
Whose Life is it Anyway? A Look at Person-Centered Planning and Transition ($49.99)

The CD covers the nuts and bolts of person-centered planning and is a self-paced instructional program.  Includes information on Circles of Support, the PATH process, and MAPS.

Product #2:
Person-Centered Planning ($49.99)
Featuring Marsha Forest, Jack Pearpoint, Anne Malatchi and Kate McCoy

Developed as a tele-course in 1999, this video highlights the process and application of person-centered planning across all life stages.

To request an order form, send an email message to Roberta Martin, or call (804) 827-0737.

Supporting A Person With Difficult Behaviors/Supporting the People Who Care

The University of Arizona produced this 2-hour training video with study guide from David's presentation of the same title.  New! Now also available in an interactive CD.  Click here for additional information about these video and audio tapes.

Video:Vicarious Traumatization: The Cost of Empathy

The 2-video set, featuring Laurie Ann Pearlman, Ph.D. is intended for training dealing with the cumulative impact of [hearing stories and reenactments by people who have been traumatized] on the therapist.  The video is accompanied by a trainer's guide and is available for purchase or rental from Cavalcade Productions, Inc., PO Box 2480, Nevada City, CA 95959 (800-345-5530).

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