If you're starting to explore your own sexuality, or interested in helping a person who experiences disabilities to explore his/her sexuality in a safe and enjoyable way, I can't think of a better place to start than the work of Dave Hinesburg. 

"Dave is an internationally known author and lecturer.  He has published numerous articles and books on issues related to sexuality and people with developmental disabilities. He is a contributing editor of the Habilitative Mental Healthcare Newsletter and sits on the national advisory board of the Sexual Information and Education Council of Canada.  Most importantly, however, Dave continues as a therapist and consultant to people with disabilities at York Central Hospital Sexuality Clinic" (from the book,
Just Say Know). 

Some popular books and videos by Dave Hingsburger:

Hingsburger, D. (1995).
Just Say Know: Understanding and Reducing the Risk of Sexual Victimization of People with Developmental Disabilities. Eastman, Quebec: Diverse City Press.

Hingsburger, D.(1995).
Hand Made Love: A Guide for Teaching About Male Masturbation Through Understanding and Video. Eastman, Quebec: Diverse City Press.

Hingsburger, D. (1995).
Under Cover Dick: Teaching Men with Disabilities About Condom Use Through Understanding and Video. Eastman, Quebec: Diverse City Press.

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