What is a microboard? John Shea writes, "A microboard is a non-profit society of family and friends, committed to knowing a person, supporting that person, and having a volunteer (unpaid), reciprocal relationship with that person.  Some microboards become the entity through which paid services and supports are provided.  Involvement, caring, and standing by the person are valued over technical expertise."

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from John Shea .

The "All Our Own" Project

The "All Our Own" Project was initiated in July 2003 to help microboards be a possibility and option to people in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. A joint project of Delaware County Office of Mental Retardation and Networks for Training and Development in Philadelphia, the project has released a helpful fieldbook that you can order online by clicking above. 

Community Works Micro-Board Design and Development Paper

David and Faye Weatherow, and the good folks at Community Works, have developed an extensive paper on micro-board design and development.  You can download it for printing by clicking above.

The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is the name of the web site for Community Opportunities, Inc. (Co-Op) in southwestern Virginia that supports people who wish to start micro-boards.  They call their website "The Kitchen Table" because that's where they started -- around a kitchen table -- in 1997.  They began with a simple conversation about what really matters in life -- relationships and a commitment to one another.  And from there they developed some ideas about how to support friends and neighbors in real and enduring ways.  Be sure to ask about their new manual on creating micro-boards!


VELA is an organization in British Columbia that supports micro-boards -- non-profit organizations that support individuals.  Directed by Linda Perry, VELA offers people with a realistic way to direct their own supports.

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