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All Things Considered -- Self-Determination at Work

"[Experiencing a disability] in America can mean living on other people's terms and by other people's rules.  That's because the money it takes to care for [people who experience disabilities] is largely government money, and the government makes the decisions about how the money can be spent.   
All Things Considered -- the award-winning program of National Public Radio -- takes a look at a new effort to make financial assistance work better for [people who experience developmental disabilities]."

Arc's Self-Determination Projects

Center on Human Policy, Syracuse University

Center for Self-Determination

A great place to get started if you are looking for information about how individualized funding works.   

The Compendium of Health and Human Services Technical Assistance Activities Related to the Administration's Community-Integration Initiative

This site provides one-stop-shopping for information related to the Medicaid program, family caregivers, employment supports for people with disabilities, promoting consumer-driven services and more. The site is updated regularly (Site description provided by Bill Coffelt from the National Coalition on Self-Determination).


One way to help people to gain control over their own resources and direct their services, in a truly meaningful way, is through microboards. Click above for links and resources.

National Association of Developmental Disabilities State Directors Report: Having It Your Way: Understanding State Individual Budgeting Practices

In response to the growing, nationwide interest in self-directed services, NASDDDS recently completed a comprehensive analysis of state
individual budgeting policies and practices. The results of this
analysis are now available in a new publication entitled,
Having It Your
Way: Understanding State Individual Budgeting Practices.

Your can read an executive summary of NASDDDS' new report on individual
budgeting by clicking above.  An order form also is available on the Association's Web site for individuals/agencies/organizations interested in purchasing copies of the full report.   

National Program on Self-Determination (A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Program)

Helpful information about the Robert Wood Johnson initiatives taking place around the country.  Find out if your state is involved!

National Project Data for the Robert Wood Johnson
Self-Determination Projects

The Human Services Research Institute has recently completed an evaluation of the Robert Wood Johnson Self-Determination Initiative. The report covers a range of implementation and policy issues and should be useful to a range of audiences including administrators, self-advocates, family members, and providers.

To review and download both the full report as well as the executive
summary, visit the web site and click on the  "What's New Page." You can also search for "self-determination" on the publications page (Text from Val Bradley).

National Coalition on Self-Determination

A coalition of parents, family members and individuals with developmental disabilities who work to promote the five principles of Self-Determination - freedom, authority, responsibility, support, and confirmation and the values of the Community Imperative - a declaration asserting the fundamental human rights of all people, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, to community living. Their goal is to shape and guide the implementation of federal and state policies, practices, and approaches that enhance self-determination and community living for individuals with developmental disabilities.

New Hampshire Office on Self-Determination

Nick's Crusade 2003

Nick Dupree, after the age of 21, will not be eligible for personal assistance services in his home state of Alabama.  What is he going to do about it?  Visit Nick's web site and find out how Nick's fight is really about each and every one of us.

Ohio Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities   

State of the States Report

If you want to know what a state believes, don't pay attention to the mission statement or legislative proclamations.  Examine the budget.  A budget is a statement of beliefs. 

David Braddock and other researchers at the University of Colorado have been publishing their
State of the States Report for years to help us to understand how each state is doing in its fiscal commitment to community supports.  Find out how your state is doing at this great site.

Training Resource Network, Inc.

Check out TRN's resource catalogue for topics ranging from self-determination, supported employment and person-centered planning.


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