The Access Center

A helpful resource for anyone seeking ideas about instructional practices and strategies to support kids who experience disabilities in their neighborhood schools.  Also contains helpful information about universal design.

Axis Consulting, Ltd.

The web site for Norman Kunc and Emma van der Klift.  A great site with all kinds of helpful information, including information regarding inclusion in public schools.

Center on Human Policy

Always a great source of information about the experience of disability.  Many helpful resources about inclusion in public schools and ordinary community places can be found here.  Also a great source of publications by John O'Brien and Connie Lyle O'Brien.

US Department of Education

This website offers "one-stop-shopping" for links to legislation, Federal Register Notices, Policy Guidance, and Grant Applications for the
No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Links to Legislation, Regulations, and Policy Guidance for programs still being implemented under the Improving America's Schools Act are also on this site (Site and description submitted by Mike Savory).

eSchool News School Funding Center

Information on up-to-the-minute grant programs, funding sources, and technology funding.   And check out this related site: 
Funding Sources: "School Grants" A collection of resources and tips to help K-12 educators apply for and obtain special grants for a variety of projects.

I'm Determined

An absolutely wonderful site developed by the Virginia Department of Education for helping kids to take control of their IEP process.  Lots of practical and helpful information for teachers, along with great videos!

Inclusion and Social Justice Articles

Robert Weetman from the UK has developed a web site with useful articles about inclusion and social justice.  Check out Robert's helpful site.

Inclusion Film Series

The Inclusion Series is designed to inspire inclusive approaches to education and community life. It's programs are primarily meant for all people: parents of all children, educators, community groups, professionals, business people, all those who live and work with people with disabilities, which is to say again, all people. The programs' premise is that each person is entitled to equal treatment under the law and, more broadly, respect, dignity, and opportunities for a fulfilling life within society at large.  Films are available in VHS and DVD format.

Inclusion Press

Marsha Forest and Jack Pearpoint have done a great deal to forward the idea that kids with disabilities belong in typical classrooms.  The Inclusion Press web site is a great place to find their work and the work of Judith Snow, Shafik Asante, John McKnight, John O'Brien, and Connie Lyle O'Brien.

Inclusion Research--The Foundations of Inclusive Education

It's one thing to know that inclusion is a good idea -- another to prove it!
Here is the latest research - all in one place. This book includes articles by
authors you know, and covers both the conceptual underpinnings of inclusion as
well as the strategies that have proven effective across the country - both the
"whys" and "hows" of achieving true inclusion in today's classrooms. The first
edition of this book sold out and was used as a text in personnel prep programs,
a valuable resource for teachers and administrators, and a powerful tool for
parents seeking quality inclusive programs.

The Foundations of Inclusive Education - A Compendium of Articles on Effective Strategies to Achieve Inclusive Education by Diane Lea Ryndak and Douglas Fisher, Editors; with a foreword by Steve Taylor. Order on-line at: or call 410-828-8274, ext "0" during business hours, Eastern Time.

Inclusive Connections

As an organization Inclusive Connections supports parents and friends of children with disabilities by providing up-to-date information by subject experts, relevant community news, useful articles and videos, inspirational stories, resource links, online forums and a database of links to: community resources, inclusive schools, products, books on related topics, professional services providers and not-for-profit organizations.

Institute on Disability - New Hampshire

A wonderful site with all kinds of great information, publications, and links.

Kid's Together

A great resource for information about any number of topics, including inclusion in public schools, assistive technology, and supported employment.  A one stop shop!

Making It Better: Activities for Children Living in a Stressful World

""Making It Better" (1996) by Barbara Oehlberg offers bold, new information about the physical and emotional effects of today's stresses, trauma, and violence on children.  The 70+ practical classroom activities presented in the book are based on sound research and offer guidance on how to seize opportunities to reach children and help them survive, thrive, and heal" (Deborah Hewitt from the book jacket).  A very helpful book for anyone who wants to help children heal.  Available for about $17 from Redleaf Press by clicking above.

National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

This site is aimed at families of people with disabilities at transition age, school administrators and teachers, community service professionals, and young people with disabilities. The new site offers information on secondary education and transition, research abstracts and other publications, funding opportunities, and a host of other commonly sought information

National Institute for Urban School Improvement

A great site for practical information about making inclusion work -- particularly in urban school systems.

No Spank

A resource for students, parents, educators, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and everyone who believes that children's optimal development occurs in nurturing, violence-free environments and that every child has the right to grow and learn in such environments.



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