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Music is a  language all its own.  It is a way to tell stories. Some of my favorite songwriters and storytellers are one and the same.

Bruce Cockburn

A songwriter's songwriter.  My favorite album is
Charity of the Night  (1996) Rykodisc., but there are so many great albums it's hard to choose.   Rounder Records  has released 17 classic Cockburn songs on the new CD "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere." 

Check out a great web site Gavin's Woodpile.


Ferron tells stories.  Her song Sunshine's Lament on
Driver nearly moves me to tears every time I hear it...nearly.  Sometimes hard to find Ferron's music.  If you have trouble, check out Ladyslipper Music By Women or  Ferron's music is worth the wait.

Driver (1994).  Earth Beat Records.

Still Riot (1996). Earth Beat Records.

Turning Into Beautiful (2005). Earth Beat Records


From Tom Ashbrook of, Boston's NPR: "There is a land at the vast, windswept meeting of Siberia and Mongolia, where humankind's most ancient, nomadic past still lives in song.  The place is called Tuva, and the Tuva throat singers do today what ages of pastoral herders have done on those vast grasslands.

"The Tuva singers produce harmonies within one voice, two deep and arresting tones from one throat.  They do it in imitation of the sounds of the land -- of wind and the bleating of sheep and the murmur of water.  But now they do it all over the world, off jet planes and cell phones, ancient animism in the swirl of the modern world."

Huun-Huur-Tu will take you to another place.  You will be glad for the journey.  Check out their web site for additional information, concert information, and latest recordings:


Kiddo Publishing was created to connect the community's profoundest abilities to its greatest needs.  They publish excellent and inspirational music kids love and materials that empower a community to understand and appreciate its children.  Check out their wonderful catalogue and the new album by the figure heads called
You Can Come Too. or

Peter Leidy

I met Peter Leidy while presenting in Wisconsin.  His song writing abilities are legendary there and rightfully so.  If you work or interact with human services, you will love his CDs (not available in stores). 
Thanks for the Mellaril is a personal favorite.  Check out Peter's funny web site and order one of his CDs today!

John Lennon

I have been a fan since the 6th grade.  I named my practice for the song of the same title. All of his albums are great, but the honesty he expressed in living is what makes him great.  His most overlooked album, in my view: Plastic Ono Band.

A million web sites.  Check out Bagism.


Thanks to Jim Turner of Community Living Atikokan in Ontario, I got to meet one of my idols, singer-songwriter, activist Bruce Cockburn in October, 2013.  (Photo by Martine Turner).