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Michael Smull

Michael Smull is one of the founders of  essential lifestyle planning.  You can find plenty of his work, written in a clear and compelling way at Allen, Shea and Associates.  Definitely worth a look!

Kathie Snow

Kathie Snow's Disability is Natural: Revolutionary Common Sense for Raising Successful Children with Disabilities is just that -- revolutionary common sense.   A must read for parents and advocates!  You can order this book and other materials at Kathie's web site:

Elaine St. James

A helpful book about managing work so that we can still live full lives.  Easy and fun to read.  A must for human services professionals who feel that work has consumed their lives.

St. James, E. (2001).
Simplify your work life: Ways to change the way you work so you have more time to live your life. New York: Hyperion.

Available in many bookstores or from one of the online outlets such as or or

Linda Stengle

Linda Stengle's book
Laying Community Foundations is an important resource for any parent who has asked, "Who will care for my child after I am gone?"  Packed with helpful ideas about building community and problem-solving tips for anyone who is serious about the question.

Stengle, L.J. (1996).
Laying community foundations for your child with a disability: How to establish relationships that will support your child after you're gone.  Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House.

John Welwood

Absolutely one of my favorite books on the topic of helping others.  Welwood has brought together an amazing array of authors who write powerfully of east/west approaches to therapy.  Among my favorite chapters are Edward Podvoll's "Uncovering a Patient's History of Sanity" and Ann Cason and Victoria Thompson's "Working with the Old and Dying."

Welwood, J. (1985).
Awakening the heart: East/West approaches to psychotherapy and the healing relationship. Boston: Shambhala.


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