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Barbara McKenzie

A warm and informative book by a Mom about a daughter, Reflections of Erin: The Importance of Belonging, Relationships, and Learning (Art of Possibility Press) by Barbara McKenzie will get you in the solar plexus.   To order copies , contact Barbara at 1115 Lori Lane, Westerville, Ohio 43081.

Stephen Murphy and Patricia Rogan

It's not easy to move from congregate day supports to integrated employment opportunities, but Stephen Murphy and Patricia Rogan describe the hows and whys of it in great detail.  Drawing upon real life experiences of four organizations, Murphy and Rogan prove that it is not only possible but desirable to "close the shop."

Murphy, S. & Rogan, P. (1995).
Closing the shop: Conversion from sheltered to integrated work.  Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes.

Available through Paul H. Brookes.

John O'Brien and Connie Lyle-O'Brien

Anyone who knows the work of John and Connie know that there contribution to the field of disabilities is unmatched.  I am a big fan of their work.  You can find a great many of their published articles at the Center on Human Policy web site, and their books at the Options for Community Living web site.  You can reach John and Connie at Responsive Associates, 58 Willowick Drive, Lithonia, Georgia 33038. Voice: 770-987-9785.

John O'Brien and Beth Mount

Make a Difference: A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support is an invaluable resource, packed with helpful information and exercises for anyone doing the work.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  Available online through the Inclusion Press.

O'Brien, J. & Mount, B. (2005).
Make a difference: A guidebook for person-centered direct supports. Toronto: Inclusion Press.

David Roche

Scheduled for a February, 2008 release, David Roche's
The Church of 80% Sincerity is a gem.  From the book jacket: "The Church of 80% Sincerity  shares the inspiring, poignant, wickedly funny, and sometimes heart-breaking story of motivational speaker Roche's journey from shame to self-acceptance.  Born with a severe facial deformity, David has had a life that's been anything but easy.  Still, over time, he's learned to accept his gifts as well as his flaws, and to see that, sometimes, they are one in the same." 

Order your advance copy from Penguin Books today.


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