New York

Mayer Shevin Consulting

Mayer Shevin is a good friend.  A teacher for me.  A teacher for many.  For years, he has led the fight to help people who communicate differently to be heard.  Mayer listens deeply.  Visit his helpful site for great resources, great links, and information about his consultation services.

Parent To Parent of New York State

A place where families of individuals who experience disabilities and the professionals who serve them can meet and share information.

State of the States Report

If you want to know what a state believes, don't pay attention to the mission statement or legislative proclamations.  Examine the budget.  A budget is a statement of beliefs. 

David Braddock and other researchers at the University of Colorado have been publishing their
State of the States Report for years to help us to understand how each state is doing in its fiscal commitment to community supports.  Find out how your state is doing at this great site.

Also: Check out the United Cerebral Palsy Analysis of Medicaid For Americans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for an update on how your state is doing.

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