Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hold The Door

Hold The Door is an organization established in memory of the people who lost their lives on 9-11.  Devoted to supporting people who have experienced loss for any reason, the site is a great resource for survivors of trauma.

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Although this site requires membership, it does provide access to some of the most recent research regarding PTSD and other responses to trauma.

Keeping Kids Safe: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Manual

This powerful book/curriculum (2002) by Pnina Tobin and Sue Levinson Kessner, is a powerful tool for parents and educators who wish to prevent child sexual abuse.  Can be ordered online from

Making It Better: Activities for Children Living in a Stressful World

""Making It Better" (1996) by Barbara Oehlberg offers bold, new information about the physical and emotional effects of today's stresses, trauma, and violence on children.  The 70+ practical classroom activities presented in the book are based on sound research and offer guidance on how to seize opportunities to reach children and help them survive, thrive, and heal" (Deborah Hewitt from the book jacket).  A very helpful book for anyone who wants to help children heal.  Available for about $17 from Redleaf Press by clicking above.

National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

One of the best store houses of information I know regarding emergency relief and supporting people with PTSD, the National Center is constantly updating its information and resources.  Take time to explore the site; it is well worth the time.

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

A helpful site for families and advocates, with helpful information about how a child's trauma can affect all members of the family.
No Spank

A resource for students, parents, educators, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and everyone who believes that children's optimal development occurs in nurturing, violence-free environments and that every child has the right to grow and learn in such environments.

Network of Care and Supports for Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services

The City of Philadelphia has done a great job in creating a web site that "is a resource for individuals, families, and agencies concerned with behavioral health and mental retardation services.  It provides information about behavioral health and mental retardation services, laws, and related news, as well as communication tools and other features."  I really like the links section and the
medication libray (click on Library--Medications).  Very well done site.  "This web site can greatly assist in our efforts to protect our greatest human asset -- our beautiful minds."

Picking Up the Pieces of Our Own Mistakes: Supporting People with Co-Occurring Conditions

Written by policy analyst Chas Moseley, Ed.D., of the National Association of State Developmental Disabilities Directors,
"Picking Up the Pieces of Our Own Mistakes" explains some of the reasons why people who experience disabilities often fail to receive support from the mental health system, and what states can do about it. Available for downloading with Adobe Reader by clicking above.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Alliance

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Alliance is a group of professional and advocacy organizations that have joined forces to provide educational materials to individuals diagnosed with PTSD and their loved ones; those at risk from PTSD; and medical, healthcare and other frontline professionals.

Project COPE

Project Cope is a national clearinghouse for resources in the aftermath of disaster, with an emphasis on people who experience disabilities. 

Resources for Emergency Preparedness

The events of 9-11 have made it crystal clear that we must be prepared to support people who are vulnerable during times of extreme emergencies.  Click above for a variety of resources to help your community prepare for emergencies of all sorts.

The Right Touch

Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award,
The Right Touch: A Read Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse by Sandy Kleven (illustrations by Jody Bergsma) is a helpful book for parents hoping to approach this difficult subject without creating excessive fear.  Available from Illumination Arts Publishing Company, PO Box 1865, Bellevue, WA 98009. Telephone: 888-210-8216 (orders only).

Roeher Institute

The Roeher Institute is a leading policy-research and development organization. Its mission is to generate knowledge, information and skills to secure the inclusion, citizenship, human rights and equality of people with intellectual and other disabilities.  A solid source of information about abuse and neglect issues.

Seeking Safety

A helpful site for those seeking a psychotherapeutic approach to trauma, PTSD, and substance abuse.  The site is particularly helpful for those seeking a
present day approach to resolving traumatic events.  Books and video tapes are available.

Self-Injury -- You Are Not The Only One

As Deb Martinson writes in her introduction to this fine site, "In spite of the title, there is no shame here.  A welcome self-help site for people who hurt themselves, including bulletin boards, personal stories and helpful information about the connection between self-injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Shaken Baby Alliance

The mission of the Shaken Baby Alliance is to provide support for children, families and advocates, and to increase public awareness.

Sidran Institute

A helpful resource for people trying to understand and treat PTSD, dissociative disorders, co-occurring disorders including addictions and self-injury. 

Vermont Crisis Intervention Network

I think the Vermont Crisis Intervention Network is a great model  for states looking for a proactive and deliberative approach.  This article by Pat Frawley, Ph.D. and Al Vecchione, Ph.D. provides a helpful overview.

Video:Vicarious Traumatization: The Cost of Empathy

The 2-video set, featuring Laurie Ann Pearlman, Ph.D. is intended for training dealing with the cumulative impact of [hearing stories and reenactments by people who have been traumatized] on the therapist.  The video is accompanied by a trainer's guide and is available for purchase or rental from Cavalcade Productions, Inc., PO Box 2480, Nevada City, CA 95959 (800-345-5530).

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