The Association for Persons in Supported Employment is a great site for information about Vermont's supported employment initiatives and accomplishments.

Center on Disability and Community Inclusion

Located at the University of Vermont, the Center is a part of a national network to support individuals who experience disabilities and their families.

Developmental Disabilities Council

The Vermont DD Council web site provides helpful information to anyone wishing to better understand initiatives currently underway in the Green Mountain State.

Department of Disabilities

Vermont is one of the poorest states in the union, but it consistently falls in the Top 10 when it comes to delivering community-based supports for people with disabilities.  How can this be?  One reason is leadership.  Check out the DDMHS web site for important information by clicking above.  You can also access a variety of policy documents by clicking on (

Facilitated Communication Network

A great source of information about FC and a great way to join a network of people who believe in everyone's right to be heard.

The Francis Foundation

I can't imagine more qualified people to support a child with complex support needs -- particularly children with PTSD -- than the folks of The Francis Foundation.  As their web site states, the folks at the Francis Foundation are "Unconditionally committed to the welfare of children." My friend and mentor, Dr. Al Vechionne, Ph.D. is one of the greatest and most insightful clinicians I know.  Check out the Foundation's web site for additional information and resources, including handouts on topics such as seasonal affective disorder, self-regulation and the formation of emotional alliances.

Parent Information Resource Center

A reliable source of information for parents of children who experience disabilities.  Check out this fine site.

State of the States Report

If you want to know what a state believes, don't pay attention to the mission statement or legislative proclamations.  Examine the budget.  A budget is a statement of beliefs. 

David Braddock and other researchers at the University of Colorado have been publishing their
State of the States Report for years to help us to understand how each state is doing in its fiscal commitment to community supports.  Find out how your state is doing at this great site.

Also: Check out the United Cerebral Palsy Analysis of Medicaid For Americans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for an update on how your state is doing.

Vermont Crisis Intervention Network

I think the Vermont Crisis Intervention Network is a great model  for states looking for a proactive and deliberative approach.  This article by Pat Frawley, Ph.D. and Al Vecchione, Ph.D. provides a helpful overview.