Keynote Address:
Walking to the Fire Road


In the last year, I have tried to work less so that I could be home more.  As a part of my daily routine, I have tried to walk in the national forest behind my home and, on occasion, have made it to the fire road on the top of Brush Mountain.  This is a keynote about treasures and mystery and an aging dog.  Most of all, it is about finding that wild part of our nature, waiting in the deep woods (1-2 hours).



Thumbnail Sketch and Photo

A thumbnail sketch of David and his work for conference brochures.  Includes information about audio-visual needs.  A photo for brochures can also be downloaded.

Audio Visual Needs

If available, an LCD projector (if not, an overhead projector), screen, , large pieces of paper, masking tape, felt pens (or a blackboard), and, if you are expecting over 50 people, a lavaliere microphone (a microphone that can be worn as a necklace or attached to a shirt or tie). 

Contact Information

David Pitonyak, Ph.D.

540-552-5629 VOICE

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