The Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders web site is dedicated to maximizing the social, educational, and vocational potential and possibilities of children and adults with autism.  Through education, family support and advocacy, ABOARD seeks to provide hope and help to Pennsylvanians who experience autism.

David Ferleger: Human Services Restraint: Reduce, Replace, or Relinquish?

David Ferleger is a Pennsylvania-based attorney with extensive experience in issues of disability.  In this thoughtful paper, David presents compelling reasons why every human services organization should end seclusion and restraint.  Visit David's web site for additional information.

Education Law Center

If you're struggling to figure out an IEP in Pennsylvania, you should know about the folks at the Education Law Center.

Networks for Training and Development

An excellent resource for anyone seeking training or organizational development in the greater Philadelphia area.  Check out their helpful web site for additional information and helpful links.

Network of Care and Supports for Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services

The City of Philadelphia has done a great job in creating a web site that "is a resource for individuals, families, and agencies concerned with behavioral health and mental retardation services.  It provides information about behavioral health and mental retardation services, laws, and related news, as well as communication tools and other features."  I really like the links section and the medication library (click on Library--Medications).  Very well done site.  "This web site can greatly assist in our efforts to protect our greatest human asset -- our beautiful minds."

Office of Mental Retardation Site

In my mind, Pennsylvania is one of the most innovative and forward thinking states in the Union.  Check out the OMR site for information about current initiatives, as well as links to services and supports throughout the Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania Lifesharing Families

Many people, especially those who have been institutionalized at one point or another, need and deserve the opportunity to experience family life.  One way this sometimes happens is that people invite someone who experiences disabilities into their home.  Check out this site for information about the effort underway in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Protection & Advocacy, Inc.

Pennsylvania Protection & Advocacy, Inc. (PP&A), is a non-profit agency responsible for providing protection and advocacy services to people with disabilities. They have trained Benefit Specialists prepared to answer your questions through our "Transition to Employment Program" (TEP). If you are thinking of going back to work and are afraid you may lose your benefits as soon as you do, PP&A can help.

Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance
Center (PaTTAN)

The mission of PaTTAN is to support the efforts of the Bureau of Special Education and its initiatives and to build the capacity of local educational agencies to provide appropriate services to students who receive special education services.

Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care Services (PCHC)

The folks at PCHC do a wonderful job helping people to organize health care information.  If you are trying to sort out and organize health care information, contact them for a free copy of their Health Information Referral System (HIRS).  The system will soon be available in an automated format.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, send an email message to my friend
Kathy Sherf and she will let you know when the software is ready (Projected Release date: June, 2002). You can also reach Kathy by phone at (215) 546-0300.

Resource Directory for People with Mental Retardation

A site that helps people to link with resources and supports about inclusion, self-determination, housing, employment, and much more. Check out this easy-to-follow resource by clicking above.

Speaking for Ourselves

A great self-advocacy group based in Pennsylvania. Speaking for Ourselves is now offering training for other self-advocacy groups on important topics such as organizing and self-determination.

State of the States Report

If you want to know what a state believes, don't pay attention to the mission statement or legislative proclamations.  Examine the budget.  A budget is a statement of beliefs. 

David Braddock and other researchers at the University of Colorado have been publishing their
State of the States Report for years to help us to understand how each state is doing in its fiscal commitment to community supports.  Find out how your state is doing at this great site.

Also: Check out the United Cerebral Palsy Analysis of Medicaid For Americans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for an update on how your state is doing.

Vision for Equality

Vision for Equality is an organization that is largely (if not totally) comprised of individuals who have experienced disability and family members of individuals with disabilities located in Philadelphia. The organization was founded by 2 mothers who each have a child with cognitive developmental disabilities.  Check out this great site..

Web Index of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disability And Other Service Providers in PA

The title just about says it all.  A great listing of web sites compiled by Greg Pirmann of the Philadelphia Office of Mental Retardation. Great work...thanks Greg!