Toolbox for Change: Reclaiming joy, purpose and commitment in the helping profession


How does a traditional organization move towards person-centered supports? How do caregivers maintain their sense of purpose, joy, and commitment in times of growing complexity and changing expectations? A day-long workshop focused on specific strategies for transforming system-centered organizations to person- and family-centered organizations while never losing track of joy. Target audience: managers and supervisors.


At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have developed knowledge in the following areas:

  • A basic understanding of the contrast between traditional and person-centered supports;
  • Tools for establishing an agency vision steeped in detail;
  • Tools for localizing decision-making;
  • Tools for staying focused as an organization and keeping track of the importance of joy

Suggested Agenda

The following is a suggested agenda only.  Starting and ending times may vary.  Regular question and answer breaks are built into the day.

09:00   Introductions/housekeeping

09:10   Part One: Moving towards a person-centered organization: Why it matters and what might stand in the way

10:30   Break

10:45   Part Two:  Establishing a vision steeped in detail and strategies for staying focused

12:00   Lunch

01:00   Part Three: Issue/Action planning: A tool for localizing decision-making

02:30   Break

02:45   Part Four: The importance of celebration

04:00   End


Toolbox for Change  Optional: Who Holds Your Story?, The Man With A Black Belt in Intellect

Thumbnail Sketch and Photo

A thumbnail sketch of David and his work for conference brochures.  Includes information about audio-visual needs.  A photo for brochures can also be downloaded.

Audio Visual Needs

If available, an LCD projector (if not, an overhead projector), screen, , large pieces of paper, masking tape, felt pens (or a blackboard), and, if you are expecting over 50 people, a lavaliere microphone (a microphone that can be worn as a necklace or attached to a shirt or tie). 

Contact Information

David Pitonyak, Ph.D.

540-552-5629 VOICE

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